We Continue to Gather

(Updated after Government announcements...and as we make developments/change as a Church)

In the midst of an ongoing season of challenges and change, Equip Church is striving to honour our government and our facility owner (Calvary Pentecostal) without taking our "foot off the gas" in striving to become all that God has called us to be and to do all that He entrusted to us, to do.


This means:

  • We are currently running Saturday services as often as we can to continue gathering as many as we are allowed...

    • (50 people in the chapel - - so not including the "Littles" or volunteers who go straight to their ministry area)

    • *Update - Beginning on the April 24th we have been limited to 10-person services
      • When our services are filled...we will continue to add more

    • Please go to our "Events" page to register for a service.​


  • Our Discipleship Ministries: Men, Women and Youth keep pressing forward; utilizing the best resources/scenarios we can for the specific needs/personality of each group

    • *Update - As a result of the April 16th announcement...we are working on developing our plan for these ministries and will update this page when a plan has been developed (very soon!)

  • Our "Jr. Foundations" Ministry (Grade 4-6) will join us in the chapel for our 1st 2 weekend services of each month.  Their classes will then be held during the remaining weekends (beginning after we worship together).

    • *Update - Beginning on the April 24th - we cannot continue offering this discipleship ministry during our weekend services until our restrictions are lifted.  We are working on an online option and will post an update when this plan is ready to be rolled out.


  • Our "Equip Kids" Ministry (Grade 1-3) will begin each week after we have worshipped together.

    • *Update - Beginning on the April 24th - we cannot continue offering this discipleship ministry until our restrictions are lifted.

  • Our "Equip Littles" Ministry (0-SK) is offered from the beginning of the service.

    • *Update - Beginning on the April 24th - we cannot continue offering this ministry until our restrictions are lifted.

** Please know that anyone of any age is welcome to stay in the chapel for the whole service (even squirming kids, and fussy babies).  Our heart is for everyone of every age to learn and grow in their love, faith and pursuit of Jesus, and if you prefer for your child to remain in the "adult service" with you, we want you to know that you are loved and they are welcome to stay - no judgement, "side-eyes," etc.  Come and join us in worshipping Jesus together, and if you wondering about anything...just ask :)


  • A special note on Masks: Our government has made it clear that these are not optional, but they do allow for exemptions.

    • ​We ask that no matter what you believe about masks - that you do not allow this to be a divisive issue between those wearing them, and those who are exempt.


We gather in obedience to Jesus to study His word, to fellowship, worship, grow and edify one another with the gifts/words/testimonies/etc that the Lord has given us.  This is an extremely important and valuable time and practice, and for the sake of our health as individuals, couples, families, communities and a nation...we believe it is better that we continue leaning into all that God has told us [and shown us] is best...and so we continue to Gather.

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Please email us or call/text there number below and we will do our best to answer those for you.