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In obedience to Jesus Christ as our Saviour, Lord, King...and the true Head of His Church, we continue to gather together as His Church, for our good and His glory.


We believe the gathering of the church (The gospel-centred community of faith) is crucial for our health as individuals, couples, families, communities and a nation. 


Without gathering together for the reading/study of God's word, corporate worship, fellowship and discipleship...prayer and confession, together...we will also not witness/experience the miraculous work of God through the saving/sanctifying work He does in us and through us when we come together in His name.

...but this doesn't mean we're reckless.

We believe that it is important for us to do whatever we need to do to continue honouring God first, and obeying His command for us to love one another...while also striving to honour our government and our facility owner (Calvary Pentecostal) to the best of our ability.

This means:

  • We continue to honour the Lord first and foremost with our own lives, and by continuing to be His church -> open, welcoming, gathering...leading hearts toward Jesus.

  • We love one another (Great Commandment) -> gathering, welcoming, supporting, encouraging, edifying...leading hearts toward Jesus.

  • We also honour our government/facility owner -> we observe the mandates we have been given*...but only as long as they don't stop us/others from honouring God by leading hearts toward Jesus

    • Example: putting a requirement [that God hasn't!] on someone before they can gain entrance to hear the word of demonic.  We refuse to dishonour God by doing this. may find that our rooms and seats might change, but our commitment to creating an intentionally gospel-centred discipleship community that loves, honours and glorifies God never will.

...And while I have your attention:

Please know that anyone of any age is welcome to stay in the chapel for the whole service (even squirming kids, and fussy babies).  Our heart is for everyone of every age to learn and grow in their love, faith and pursuit of Jesus, and if you prefer for your child to remain in the "adult service" with you, we want you to know that you are loved and they are welcome to stay - no judgement, "side-eyes," etc.  Come and join us in worshipping Jesus together, and if you're wondering about anything...just ask :)



 *We just open more ministries/services or rooms as needed - nobody ever turned away!

We Continue to Gather

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