Our COVID Response

In the midst of this new season of challenges and change, Equip is striving to honour our government, our facility owner (Calvary Pentecostal) as well as use wisdom and care with handling our "social" interactions. 


This means:

  • We are currently running our Saturday service at 30% capacity with seating distanced apart (as per legal regulations)

    • (you can sit closer to those you choose to be closer with).


  • Masks: Our government has made it clear that these are not optional, but they have provided us with exemptions.

    • ​We ask that no matter what you believe about masks, that you do not allow this to be a divisive issue between those wearing them, and those who are exempt.

      • the exemptions list can be found online, but also at our "screening/attendance" sign-in area at the entrance of the building along with other publications about screening, etc.

      • nobody will be questioned about their reasoning/right to be exempt, nor their reasoning for wearing one.  There are far better things for us to spend our time/energy/words on with our opportunities to come together. Let's not waste it.

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Please email us and we will do our best to answer those for you. 

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Please email us and we will do our best to answer those for you. 


We are a brand new church meeting on Saturday evenings. We pray, sing, study, eat ...every week, together.  We are a growing community; filled with a variety of ages, cultures, languages, backgrounds...and all agreeing to journey together, with truth and grace, patience and love as we wrestle with God's word to learn what it means, and how to apply it's truth to our everyday lives, together. We're so thankful you visited our website.  We would love for you to visit us in person. Why don't you join us this Saturday?