1.  Watch God.

  • If we look to the wind and the waves we’ll sink, so we strive to keep our eyes on Him.

    • Genuine Prayer (We look for how He answers)

    • Passionate Worship (We focus our lives, voices and hearts toward Jesus)

    • Biblical Soul Care (We look to the Lord for the source of our truth and healing)


2.  Work Hard. 

  • Spectators don’t grow. This calling is for all of us, and its hard….and its worth it.

    • Expositional Preaching/Bible Studies (“What does this mean for me?”)

    • Application based ministries (Applying the Word of God to everyday life)

    • Opportunities for everyone to grow and serve (finding/developing our “gifts”)

    • Culture of Feedback and on-going training


3. Build What Matters Most.

  • We’re looking for multiplication, not “busy”

  • Our Gathering

    • We meet as one body every Saturday as an intentional way of fulfilling our mission.  We gather to pursue the heart of God through Prayer, Worship, Serving, Giving and wrestling with the Word of God, together…in both the Worship Service and our Equip Kids Ministry. 

  • Our Teams

    • We grow through being stretched, and serving is where we exercise the gifts and ministry desires the Lord has given us.  This is also where the laughs and memories are made as we learn and grow, together.

  • Our Homes

    • In the midst of a lonely, isolating culture we are the family of God.  Our homes are a tool for sharing love and belonging, while creating safe places for us to work out how to apply the truth of God’s word to our lives, together.

  • Our Communities

    • We have been planted in our community for gospel impact.  Your community is your responsibility…and we will shoulder the weight of this, together.